Interludes & Lullabies

by Olivier Zberg

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    'Interludes & Lullabies' is a nostalgic sounding piano album composed during late sleepless nights in my apartment in Greenwich Village, New York. The initial appeal of creating both interludes and lullabies was the contrast between the two: One aims to keep listeners awake during an intermission, the other one’s purpose is to make one fall asleep. Writing music for me at this point is an act of remembering. I was classically trained and I used to play with passion every day from the age of four until I took a ten year leave of absence in my early twenties from playing piano altogether. During that time I forgot all the classics I used to know by heart. Now when I touch the keys, it feels like a flashback, I remember the texture, the taste and shape of what playing the piano used to feel like. I don’t feel inhibited anymore by rules or the pressure of having to stick to notes or a beat. It feels like drawing on an empty canvas. I shape my music based on my memory. I improvise a piece, I listen to it, I’l let it sit for a couple of days, I take it with me on my walks through the village, I re-record it sometimes only once or twice, sometimes a hundred times all from my memory… until I’m satisfied with it. Some pieces are clearly lullabies others could be labeled as interludes but most of them however wander in between the two. I hope this little album will transport you into a dreamy state of mind allowing you to reflect and remember.
    -Olivier Z’Berg
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released September 29, 2011



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Olivier Zberg New York, New York

Nostalgic piano compositions.

All original music.

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